The elephants and the teapot

A colourful heritage from Sri Lanka

Why am I fascinated by elephants? Is it because they were part of the landscape when I was growing up?

When my kids were little, I drew elephants with them on their drawing pads. I bought elephant-themed toys for them. Elephant safaris were on our itinerary when we travelled to Sri Lanka. To top it up, my brother’s in-laws owned an elephant.

My fascination with elephants continues. Now, I draw elephants with my grandkids.

How did I come to own the two ceramic elephants above? A few years ago, I came across them in a departmental store in Colombo. With their fine array of multi-colours, I saw them as a great décor item for my house in Sydney and purchased them immediately.

The teapot is a different story.

A year ago, Rachel, one of my co-workers was leaving. She gifted this beautiful teapot with its colour and regalia to match my colourful décor. The thoughtful gift of a bright-coloured teapot with its oriental design found its way amongst the two colourful elephants in my home.

Tea is also something close to my heart. Sri Lanka produces some of the best tea in the world. Tea has been part of my life since childhood. It is in my DNA.

The two elephants and the teapot are a great match. They remind me of my colourful heritage from the island of Sri Lanka.



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Denzil Jayasinghe

Lifelong learner, tech enthusiast, photographer, occasional artist, servant leader, avid reader, storyteller and more recently a budding writer