A Comedy Show on and off the Field

Denzil Jayasinghe
2 min readDec 1, 2023

When the gang decided to turn Cyrus’s attempts at football into a comedy show, they were onto something. With his peculiar physique — short stature, a head the size of a watermelon was a sight to behold on the football field. His running style alone was a showstopper, making it feel like a sitcom unfolding.

Predicting Cyrus’s moves became a wild guessing game. When he got hold of the ball, everyone wondered what bizarre action he’d pull off next. The element of surprise was his secret weapon, and he played by his own rules, disregarding the soccer rulebook. Bumping into Cyrus was akin to challenging a bulldozer to a wrestling match — he was the undisputed boy-bashing champion.

A language barrier added to Cyrus’s saga; English was as foreign to him as Martian. This left him side-lined, lost in translation, at a time when political correctness, inclusion, and diversity were yet to make their grand entrance.

In his oddball glory, Cyrus was like the kid who never got a care package from his folks. The powers-that-be there weren’t exactly his fans. Despite seeing himself as a regular boy, Cyrus was always the odd one in team sports or study competitions.

Speech wasn’t his forte, but he could zip around like he was being chased by a street dog, showcasing a running style that was a show. Whistling? Cyrus’s attempts sounded more like a deflating balloon than a sweet melody.

Books were alien to Cyrus, with no love or interest. His dialogue was a mix of mystery and confusion. Whether ruining team photos, strutting to school with his peculiar walk, or engaging in mysterious activities in the field, Cyrus was hard to miss. Swimming? He moved through the water like a duck with dance moves only he understood. His wardrobe? Full of holes, ill-fitted shorts, and vests that had seen better days.

When it came to meals in the cafeteria, Cyrus didn’t hold back. He’d swoop in, grab the first servings, and leave next to nothing for the others. The hungry boys often left the dining area feeling like they’d only enjoyed half a meal.

Cyrus’s dining style deserved its comedy special. Picture this: a culinary masterpiece of jam mixed with curry, devoured as if he were auditioning for a role in a gorilla gourmet show. The taste buds of the universe collectively cringed at this gastronomic adventure.

Cyrus’s quirks were like a bully magnet, attracting trouble faster than a magnet picking up paper clips. This guy practically had a doctorate in the fine art of being the odd one out, and his peculiarities became legendary tales for the boys who hadn’t quite grasped the concept of inclusion.

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